Are the Small Things in Life Really That Small?….

Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson sang about this in the 90’s, Sam Cooke sang 3 decades before them in the 60’s about it, and now a UK survey has shown we agree with them!

What is it?…That the best things in life are free!

Simple pleasures are in…..why spend a fortune when getting a bargain and finding money are in the top 10 of the happiness index? Finding time for friends and making time to relax both indoors and in the great outdoors are there as well, perhaps showing that in our increasingly busy lives we crave time to do….well…not a lot… General Birthday card for Her

Enjoy a cuppa and catch up with friends

A study commissioned by UKTV’s entertainment channel ‘W’ shows how much we value the small things in life. The survey asked 2,000 UK adults to list their favourite simple pleasures, and here’s the top 20;

1. A kiss and a cuddle                   11. Having tea with a friend

2. Laughing with others                12. Giving a present

3. Clean sheets                               13. The smell of mown grass

4. Stroking a pet                             14. Losing weight

5. Getting a bargain                       15. Sitting in front of a log fire

6. Receiving a compliment            16. Kindness from a stranger

7. Finding money                            17. Relaxing in a warm bath

8. Hearing from an old friend       18. Morning birdsong

9. Doing a good deed                     19. Finding something you’d lost

10. Having a lazy Sunday               20. Walking barefoot in the sand

Surprised by any of them? Or do you think that something obvious has been missed? animal blank cards

Morning bird song

I personally agree with most of them, but firmly believe that adding ‘cake’ to most of them would greatly enhance them….except perhaps the clean sheets…and kissing…oh, and losing weight (though any diet that proved cake could make you lose weight would be welcome).

Joking aside, it seems to me that the results show how by making time for ourselves and time for others we can enrich our lives while also enriching others. If these ‘little’ things do mean so much are they really so little? Should their value be measured in how much they build us and others up, not by their monetary value? general birthday cards for him

Relax and feel the sand between your toes!

Here at we understand and wholeheartedly believe in how much making time for other people matters…..things like remembering someone’s Birthday or special occasion, letting someone know you’re thinking about them during a difficult time or even just saying “Hi”. We also understand though that sometimes it’s not so easy to write and send a card yourself….and that’s where we love to help!

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