Dormouse, Animal Blank Card
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From the 'BBC Earth Springwatch' range by Abacus Cards.  

Animal blank card with a photograph of a cute, snuggled up dormouse.

Message Inside:  Left blank for your own message

Reverse of card reads:  The Dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius - Dormice are small, nocturnal mammals distinguished by their golden colour, thick fluffy tail and big black eyes.  Measuring up to 9cm in length, they can weigh up to 30g.  Their perfect habitat is deciduous woodland, hedgerows and dense scrub and they can be found across southern England and Wales.  As agile climbers they can often spend their summer months in trees, never venturing to ground level.  Their staple diet is tree buds, berries, insects and hazelnuts, thus earning them the popular name hazel dormouse.  Females give birth to between 3 and 7 blind young, usually during the summer months.  They leave the family nest after 6 weeks.  During the winter, dormice hibernate in well-insulated nests, often built in tree hollows or other sheltered places.

Size:  16.0cm x 16.0cm

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