Peepo!  Red Squirrel
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Peepo! Red Squirrel

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From the 'BBC Earth Springwatch' range by Abacus Cards.  Gorgeous animal blank card featuring the cute and clever red squirrel.  Made forever famous by Beatrix Potter's 'Squirrel Nutkin' the red sqirrel came 3rd in a UK poll in 2016 to find the UK's favourite mammal.  Photography is by Mike Rae

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Reverse of Card Reads:  Red Squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris - Despite being called red squirrels, the topside of the squirrel's bright coat can change throughout the year, from reddish brown in the summer, to reddy grey in the winter.  Red squirrels also have a distinct bushy tail and tufts of fur rising from their ears.  Red squirrels were once widespread throughout the UK, however introduction of the grey squirrel has resulted in red squirrels retreating back to small populations on the edges of north Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Kent.  Red squirrels are active during the day, feeding on spruce and pine seeds, berries and acorns.  In the autumn, they collect food for their stores that are hidden in the ground and gaps within tree trunks and walls, ready to be retrieved in the winter months.  Red squirrels, however do not hibernate; instead they become less active. often spending more time in their nest or 'drey'.  Nests are constructed from twigs, moss and grass, and are found in tree trunks and branches.

Size: 16.0cm x 16.0cm

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