Oct 4, 2017

Here at we are excited to announce our new 'Date Reminder Service'!

We know life can get busy and if you struggle to keep up with all those important family and friend special occasions, why not let us help you out?

It couldn't be simpler.  Using our 'Contact Us' form tell us all those dates you need to remember.  All we need to know is;

1.  The occasion e.g. 'Sarah Smith's Birthday'

2.  The actual date of the special occasion e.g. 24th August

3.  The email address you would like the reminder sending to. 

Half way through the month before the special date we will send you an email reminder i.e for 'Sarah Smith's birthday', the reminder would be sent to you mid July.

If you want to order the cards straight away we will happily hold them back until the right time - just let us know the date you want them posting in the 'Special Instructions' section of the order form.

Don't worry, all information you send to us is purely for our use and will not be shared with any other company or organisation.

Best wishes - The Sendacard Team